What other hero is so downright huggable? He's Superted, the magical teddy who can't bear crime! Superted and his sidekick Spottyman are back in a third animated volume-and the adventures continue. And, as always, the villainous Texas pete, Bulk and Skeleton have a new roster of evil deeds to unleash! Fortunately, Superted is there-from a well-planned cattle rustling incident deep in the heart of Texas to a thrilling, two-part, outer space adventure!

Classic Episodes:

1. Superted at the toy shop

2. Superted and the gun smugglers

3. Superted in texas

4. Superted in the arctic

5. Superted and trouble in space-Part 1

6. Superted and trouble in space-Part 2

Created by Mike young Based on the television series produced by Siriol animation for S4C Original music composed by Mike towned and Chris stuart Lyrics by Robin lyons

This disney movie was from the 1960's.

Run Time: 49 Minutes

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