• Scarlett Johansson as Princess Odette; the main Protagonist  
  • Douglas Sills as Prince Derek; the Main duetergonist
  • Sandy Duncan as Queen Uberta;  the mother of Derek
  • Donald Sage Mackay as Jean-Bob; the tritagonist
  • Doug Stone as Speed; the second tritagonist
  • Steve Vinovich as Puffin;  the tertiary tritagonist
  • Paul Masonson as Whizzer; the suporting tritagonist
  • Joseph Medrano as Lord Rogers; the Lord of the castle
  • Clancy Brown as Jensen; the main antagonist and brother of the late Rothbart!
  • Rosie Mann as Bridgette the Hag; Jensen's minion
  • Owen Miller as Bromley; Derek's Pal
  • James Arrington as the Chamberlain

Silent CharectersEdit

  • Hawk; the (formal) secondary antagonist
  • Shaw; Derek's pal
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