Release Date: April 15, 2004
 Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
 Directed by David Gumpel
 Produced by Will Ryan
 Based on the Book by Tish Rabe

 Screenplay by David Mickey Evans Music by Joe Caroll

 The Song of the Zubble-Wump is a 2004 film.

NOTE: As A Matter In Fact, Is a Madeline Mcgee's final film. The British-American musical actress died of a drug overdose, two years later in September, 2006.


  • Anne Hathaway as Megan, the main protagonist
  • Partrick Warburton as Horton, the duetergonist
  • Mel Brooks as Grandpa, the tritagonist
  • David Ogden Stiers as the Cat, the narrator-turned-supporting protagonist
  • Rob Riggle as Thidwick, the bully and the hero of Megan and Horton and the (fomal) secondary antagonist
  • Brad Garrett as the Giant, the fourth antagonist
  • Russi Tayor as Grandma, the secondary tritagonist
  • Andy Rick as Grinch, the main antagonist
  • Wayne Newton as Zubble Wump, one of the main protaognists
  • Abby Diaz as Kanga, interview main protagonist. (speaking voice)
  • Madeline McGee as Lucy Rackstraw, main protagonist.
  • Cilina Lanoil as Kanga, singing main protagonist. (singing voice)
  • Cheech Marian, Chong, and Phil LaMarr as the Outlookers, the tertiary antagonists who are first seen teasing Horton.

Cast in opening titlesEdit

  • Anne Hathaway - Megan
  • Partrick Warburton - Horton
  • Mel Brooks - Grandpa
  • David Ogden Stier - the Cat in the Hat
  • Andy Rick - the Grinch
  • Rob Riggle - Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose
  • Abby Diaz - Kanga
  • Madeline Mcgee - Lucy Rackstraw
  • Cilina Lanoil - Kanga (singing voice)
  • Cheech and Chong - The 2 Outlookers
  • and Wayne Newton - Zubble Wump's whistles

Villians' DefeatsEdit

  • Grinch (fate): Gets strangled by his grinchiness and then trips on the Zubble Wump's cage.
  • Grinch (defeat): Steps on a cage and then falls out of his cave after Megan Escapes (later watches the Zubble-Wump fly away)
  • Thidwick: Looks for Yaks and gets Reformed by Grandpa
  • Outlookers: Horton makes a promise to defeat them and reform to watch the Zubble Wump Fly


  • Zubble Wump Song: is a Song, Sung By Megan, Grandpa, Horton and The Little Cats
  • Mambo Italiano is a song, Sung Lucy Rackstraw, Megan, Hotron, Kanga
  • 20th Century Fox Mambo: is A Song, Sung By Kanga While Kanga Tap Dances (before the Grinch steals the Zubble-Wump egg)
  • Thidwick Blues: is a Song, Sung By Thidwick While Megan And Horton Tap Dancing.
  • Kanga, Darling: is a Song, Sung By Lucy Rackstraw, While Kanga Tap Dances
  • Mine Song: is a song, Sung By The Grinch And Megan
  • Get Happy: Is A Song, Sung By Kanga, Megan Looks Up As Watch As Kanga Know And Megan Looks Down.
  • 20th Century Fox Mambo (Reprise): Is A Song, Sung By Kanga, Thidwick, Megan, The Cat, Grandpa, Horton, The Outlookers, And Other Animals While Kanga Tap Dances (at the end of the film).