Release Date: April 15, 2004
 Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
 Directed by David Gumpel
 Produced by Will Ryan
 Based on the Book by Tish Rabe

 Screenplay by David Mickey Evans Music by Joe Caroll

The Song of the Zubble-Wump is a 2004 film.


The priceless Zubble-Wump egg has been in Megan Mullally's family for as long as anyone can remember, so when the Grinch steals it, she sets off with Horton the Elephant to get it back. The egg is on the verge of hatching, and no one may get to hear the Zubble-Wump's exquisite song unless Megan and the Grinch stop being so greedy.

This was the eighth episode of season 2 produced for the series.


  • Anne Hathaway as Megan Mullally, the main protagonist
    • Tara Strong provides the voice of Baby Megan
    • Jane Fisher provides the voice of Seven-Year-Old Megan
  • Partrick Warburton as Horton Mullally, the duetergonist
  • Mel Brooks as Edward "Grandpa" Mullally, the tritagonist
    • Eli Fucile provides the voice of Baby Grandpa
    • Matt Weinberg provides the voice of Five-Year-Old Grandpa and Fifteen-Year-Old Grandpa
    • Robert Goulet provides the voice of Twenty-Five-Year-Old Grandpa
  • David Ogden Stiers as the Cat, the narrator-turned-supporting protagonist
  • Rob Riggle as Thidwick, the secondary antagonist
  • Bill Hader as Grinch, the main antagonist and Grandpa's former best friend and arch-nemesis
    • Spencer Fox provides the voice of Six-Year-Old Grinch
  • Wayne Newton as Zubble Wump, the titular character
  • Abby Diaz as Kanga, the secondary narrator
    • Cilina Lanoil provides the singing voice of Kanga
  • Cheech Marin as Robert Outlooker, one of the tertiary antagonists and the Grinch's 4-feet and 5-inch tall former henchman
  • Tommy Chong as James Outlooker, one of the tertiary antagonists and the Grinch's 5-foot and 1.3-inch tall henchman
  • Phil LaMarr as Nick Outlooker, one of the tertiary antagonists and the Grinch's 6-foot and 5-inch tall former henchman
  • Will Arnett as Marcus "Daddy" Mullally, Edward's son and Megan's dad
  • Cobie Smulders as Ginny "Mommy" Mullally, Edward's daughter-in-law and Megan's mother
  • Russi Taylor as Grandma Mullally, a minor character
  • Betty White as Great-Grandma Mullally, a minor character


  • Prolouge - sung by The Cat, Kanga, Great Grandma Mullally, Grandma, Edward, Marcus, Ginny, Megan, The Grinch, Robert, James, and Nick
  • Zubble Wump Song: sung by Megan, Edward, Horton and The Little Cats
  • 20th Century Fox Mambo: sung by Kanga while she tap dances (before the Grinch steals the Zubble-Wump egg)
  • Thidwick Blues: sung by Thidwick while Megan and Horton tap dance along.
  • Mine Song: sung by the Grinch and Megan
  • Get Happy: sung by The Cat and Kanga.
  • 20th Century Fox Mambo (Reprise): sung by Kanga, Thidwick, Megan, The Cat, Edward, Horton, Marcus, Ginny, Robert, Nick, and Other Animals while Kanga tap dances (at the end of the film).


  • The Outlookers who teased Horton at the start of the episode the movie is based on work for the Grinch and are named James, Nick, and Robert.
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