The Lorax is a Movie that is in GVCS.


  • Carter as Furry Giant Peanut the Lorax: A Guardian of the Forest that can speaks to the Trees.
  • Dad as Young Once Ler: A boy who sees the Lorax.
  • Grandpa as Old Once Ler/Mirror Old Once Ler: An old man who rode on his Wheel Chair!
  • Grandma as Mrs. Funce Ler: Once Ler's Wife
  • Swomme Swans, Humming fish & Bar-ba-loots as Themselves as Themselves: The Lorax's Friends.


                 1. Overture from the little Mermaid
                    2. Grickle Grass - Narrator
                   3. Under The Trees - Once Ler
           4. To The House of the Glorious Once Ler - Once Lers
                    5. Lorax Monologue - Lorax
                6. Everybody Needs a Thneed - Once Lers
                  7. Good Ol' Onceler - Once Lers
                   8. Take a Letter - Once Ler
         9. Barbaloot Suits (Bar-ba-Loots' Farewell)- Once Ler
                 10. Once in a While - Once Ler & Mirror
                  11. Barbaloot Suits (Instrumental)
                12. Exit, Exit Swomee Swan - Swomee Swans
        13. Exit, Exit Swomee Swan (Instrumental while Glopity Glop Factory)
                14. Just Fish Out of Water - Once Ler
                 15. Jolly Good Onceler - Once Lers