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The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar (Also Called The Guard) Is An 2020 American Theatrical Film Set To Premiere Oct 2020, The Film Wasn't Announced, And Had Been Worked On Since March 2020 On Zoom. This Marks The First Lion King Film To Be Worked On At Zoom, The Film Was Set For A Summer 2020 Release Date, But The Plan Got Cancell-ed. The Film Will Also Confirm The Theory That Kopa Is Canon, Announced By Barry Jenkins On March 21st 2021. This Is The Official Sequel To 2019's Lion King, The Film Was Released And Planned Before The Lion King 2019's Follow-Up Film On Mufasa's Backstory Was Announced. Jon Favreau Attempted To Do This, But Failed. Since The Film Was In The Works Since April 2020, Chadwick Boseman Recorded His Lines Before His Death. In The Prequel Film, The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar - Expanded Edition, Chris Rock Will Play Makuu, The Expanded Edition Will Release In Summer 2020, Taking The Original Streaming Film's Release Date.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After the battle on Pride Rock and defeating of Scar, Simba and Nala became rulers of the Pride Lands. Together they have three adorable cubs. Their First One Kopa Will Be The King In The Future. Kiara Is A Princess Searching For A Love. And Their Third Born Kion Is Looking For A Destiny For The Future. He Has Four Friends Who Are Other Kinds Of Animals In The Pride Lands. Bunga Is The Brave Honey Badger Who Was Adopted By Timon And Pumbaa. Fuli Is A Lone And The Fastest Cheetah In The Pride Lands. Ono Is A Egret Who Can See Anything When He Flies In The Air. And Beshte, A Strong Hippo Who Lives With His Father Basi And The Other Hippos. Kion And Bunga Are Playing Baobab Ball Every Day With The Baobab Fruit That They Find In The Trees. But When They Got Into A Trouble With Lions From The Outlands, Kion Found An Anger And Roared Like A Maniac. With The Loud Roar, There Were More Coming From The Skies Who Happens To Be The Lions In The Skies. Simba And Rafiki Discovered That Was The Roar Of The Lion Elders. So Lions From The Past Did It To Protect The Pride Lands And Defend The Circle Of Life. Rafiki Told Simba That He Must Tell His Son About The Lion Guard. When Kion Asked What They Are Telling Him About, Simba Leaded Them To The Lair Of The Lion Guard. It Was A Group Of Lions That Protects The Pride Lands And Defend The Circle Of Life. One Leader And Four Members. Five Lions Used To Protect Their Kingdom. When Mufasa Was The New King, Scar Was The Leader Of The Lion Guard. But After He Got A Scar On His Face And Was Nicknamed That, He Knew Mufasa Shouldn’t Be King And Used The Roar To Destroy The Lion Guard. But using the Roar for evil, he lost it for good and did wrong things when Simba became adult. And now It Was Up To Kion To Become The Leader Of The Lion Guard And Find A Group Of Members To Help Him. He Choose Bunga To Be The Bravest. Fuli To Become The Fast. Beshte Will Be The Strongest. And Ono Will Be The Keenest Of Side. But Simba Said The Lion Guard Have Always Been Made Of Lions. And Asked If Kion Things A Lion Guard With Only One Lion Could Protect The Pride Lands. He Wanted Him To Take This Matter Seriously. Just Like His Siblings. But With A Help From The Grandfather Mufasa, Kion Must Show His Father How Brave His Friends Are. When The Guard Is Grown Up, There Will Be A Good Time For The Lion Guard To Defend The Pride Lands.

Cast[edit | edit source]

TBA (To Be Added Or To Be Announced)

Development[edit | edit source]

The Film Had Not Been Announced, But It Has Been In The Works Since April 2020, Which Marks The First Lion King Film To Be Worked On At Zoom Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

10/9/2020 (U.S)

10/20/2020 (I.D)

11/8/2020 (T.H)

12/12/2020 (U.K)

1/6/2021 (F.R)

1/15/2021 (C.H)

3/5/2021 (DVD)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Film Costed $543.6M To Be Made, Thankfully Barry Jenkins Afforded The Fortune.
  • The Expanded Edition Will Put All Episodes Of TLG From (Seasons 1-3).
  • The DVD Was Set To Release On January 2nd 2022, But Was Pushed A Day Before.
  • The Film's Tomatometer Was 53% And It's Audience Score Was 89%, Which Means It's In Front Of 2019's Lion King, Which Means The 2019 Film's Tomatometer And Audience Score Were 52% And 88%.

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