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All the characters from The Lion King. Top Row from Left to Right; Shenzi, Scar, Ed, Banzai, Rafiki, Mufasa, Simba, Sarabi, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa. Bottom Row; Nala, and Sarabi


Here you will find a list of all the characters from every Lion King movie. This page also includes characters from the books.

The Lion King (1994)Edit


Simba is the protagonist of the film, the secondary character of the first sequels and the dueteragonist of the fourth film. For more information, see his page.

Timon and PumbaaEdit

Timon and Pumbaa are a meerkat and warthog duo that serve as tritagonists in the first two films, and the protagonists in the third film. The duo also had their own spin-off TV series. They are once again the tritagonists of the fourth film.


Mufasa 1

Created by:

Jonathan Roberts

Voiced by:

James Earl Jones (film and Kingdom Hearts II)



Mufasa served as the king of the Pride Lands until his death. He was the mate of Sarabi, father of Simba, and the brother of Scar. He also happens to be a friend of Zazu and Rafiki, and an enemy to the hyenas.

Mufasa is first seen standing on Pride Rock, watching as the animals arrive to see his newborn son. Mufasa is upset that his brother, Scar, didn't show up to the presentation. He confronts Scar, but angers him when Scar begins to talk back to him. When Simba is a little older, he shows him the Pride Lands from the top of Pride Rock and teaches him how to pounce. He eventually has to leave to chase away some hyenas.

Later, Zazu tells Mufasa that the hyenas are attacking Nala and Simba in the Elephant Graveyard. Once arriving, he pins the hyenas down and threatens to kill them if they came near Simba again. On the way back to Pride Rock, Mufasa orders Zazu to take Nala home while he teaches Simba a lesson. He teaches Simba about bravery before teaching him about the great kings of the past.

The next day, Scar alerts Mufasa that theres a stampede in the gorge and Simba was down there. Him and Scar rush to the gorge while Zazu looks for Simba, who finds him hanging on a dead tree. Mufasa jumps into the stampede and rescues Simba. He gets dragged back into the stampede by the wildebeasts, but manages to escape and grab onto the side of a cliff. He asks for Scar's help, but Scar mocks him and throws him back into the stampede to be crushed to death.

He appears again when Simba is an adult. When Rafiki finds Simba, he proves to him that Mufasa is still alive an tells Simba to follow him. Rafiki shwos Simba his father's spirit, who has formed in the clouds, and begins to accuse Simba of forgeting him. He tells Simba that he must take his place in the Circle of Life and to remember who he is.

At the end of the film, Mufasa's voice can be heard saying "Remember" to Simba.

In the second film, Mufasa can be seen watching the presentation of Kiara. He doesn't make any major appearances. During the film, he can be heard being mentioned by the major characters. At the very end of the film, Mufasa can be heard saying, "Well done my son. We are one" to Simba after letting the Outlanders join his pride.

In the fourth film, Mufasa is the narrator.


Scar 1

First Appearance:

The Lion King (1994)

Created by:

Andreas Deja

Voiced by:

Jeremy Irons


Brother of Mufasa, Brother-in-law of Sarabi, Uncle of Simba

Scar is the main antagonist in The Lion King. He was upset after Simba was born, as it ment that Scar would have never been king. He is the brother of Mufasa, brother-in-law of Sarabi, and the uncle of Simba.

Scar is first seen talking to Zazu after Zazu tells him not to play with his food. He is also informed by Zazu that Mufasa is coming to see him, but Scar repiles, "I quiver with fear" before trapping Zazu in his mouth, which Mufasa orders to release.

Scar is seen later after Simba visits him, telling him about his father showing him the Pride Lands. Scar reveals a little later that the shadowy area that Simba talked about with his father is an elephant graveyard. He has Simba promise him not to go there, which Simba promises.

After Mufasa rescues Simba and Nala from the hyenas, Scar can be seen looking at them from the cliff that Simba and Nala tried to climb up onto.

Scar is dissapointed thst the hyenas failed to kill the cubs, so comes up with another plan with Scar singing "Be Prepared." The song tells the viewers about how Scar will become king by killing his own brother and nephew.

The next day, Scar takes Simba to a large gorge where he tells Simba that his father has a "surprise" for him. He tells Simba to wait on a rock and practice his 'little roar' while he goes and gets his father. Scar signals the hyenas to start a wildebeast stampede by having the hyenas chase them down into the gorge towards Simba. Pretending to by concerned about
Scar ans simba 1

"Long live the king."

Simba, Scar alerts Mufasa that a stampede has started in the gorge and that Simba was down there. After Mufasa saves Simba, he gets dragged back into the stampede by the wildebeasts, but escapes and hangs onto the side of a cliff. As Mufasa asks for Scar's help, Scar grabs his pawas and mocks him before throwing him back into the stampede to be killed.

After a little while, Scar joins Simba by Mufasa's body and begins to accuse Simba and make him feel guilty about his father's death. Simba asks him what to do but Scar tells him to run away and never return, before sending the hyenas after him to kill him again. They fail after Simba escapes into the desert.

After the Hakuna Matata scene, Scar gets a bunch of complaints from Shenzi, Banzi, and Ed for food. They reveal that the lionesses are not hunting and offers them to eat Zazu. Zazu mentions that he not good to eat. This scene ends with Scar kicking out the hyenas from the lair.

Scar is last scene when Simba returns to the Pride Lands. Simba witnesses Scar striking his mother Sarabi, which angers him and confronts him on Pride Rock. Scar make Simba confess to the lionesses that Simba is responsible for Mufasa's death before backing Simba off a cliff to be killed. Scar tells Simba that he killed Mufasa which angers him, forcing Simba to make Scar tell the truth outload to the lionesses. After a breif battle, Simba notices Scar and chases him up to the top of Pride Rock. After Simba tells Scar to run away and never return to the Pride Lands, Scar begins to leave but starts a battle between him and Simba after throwing hot embers into Simba's face. after a breif battle between the two, Simba manages to beat Scar by tossing him over the edge. Scar gets eaten by the hyenas below for betraying them.

In The Lion King: Simba's Pride, Scar's name is mentioned throughout the film. After Kovu gets exiled from the Pride Lands by Simba, Scar's face can be seen in Kovu's reflection while looking into a pond.

Scar can be seen in the third film, in shots that were taken from the first film.

Scar is briefly mentioned in the fourth film.



First Appearance:

The Lion King (1994)

Created by:

Bob Bryan, Gilda Palinginis, Aaron Blaise (cub), Anthony de Rosa (adult)

Voiced by:

Niketa Calame (cub/films), Moira Kelly (adult)

Nala is Simba's mate who is also the daughter of Sarafina, daughter-in-law of Mufasa and Sarabi, and the mother of Kiara and Kopa.

The Lion King

In the first film, Nala is a cub that can first seen sleeping with her mother in the den while Simba is trying to wake up his father. She is seen again being bathed by her mother, who then offers to go with Simba to the elephant graveyard. However, Zazu is sent by Sarabi to watch over them. The cubs manage to lose him by crushing Zazu with a pile of animals.

While exploring the Elephant Graveyard, Zazu catches up to them before they get ambushed by the hyenas. Nala and Simba manage to escape from them while Zazu gets put into the so called "birdie boiler." Before the hyenas are able to make there next move, Mufasa shows up in time to rescue the cubs.

Nala is scene again, mourning Mufasa's death with her mother. She is known to stay in the Pride Lands until she's an adult.

While Pumbaa is chasing a beatle, Nala stalks him from behind until he notices her, leading to a chase for life. Simba hears Timon and Pumbaa's screams and comes to their rescue. After a brief battle between the two lion, Simba realizes that its his old friend Nala. The two begin to spend a lot of time together and eventually turns into a romantic relationship. Eventually, it all begins to change after Nala begins to question him about not returning to Pride Rock and not accepting that he's the king.

She eventually joins Simba when he returns to Pride Rock. Her, Timon, and Pumbaa fight off all the hyenas while Simba fights Scar. After the battle, Simba roars to the lands and her, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa all watch from Pride Rock as Rafiki presents their newborn cub for all the animals below to see.

The Lion King: Simba's Pride

Nala appears at the beginning of the second film, holding Kiara in he mouth for Rafiki to present to all the animals. She is shown to be a loving mother and is less protective of her daughter. She is usually telling her to mind her father, and usually tells Simba that she'll be fine.

After Kiara meets Kovu, Simba shows up and confronts Zira, Kovu's mother. Nala appears with the rest of the pride, preparing to fight Zira if she attacks. Eventually, Simba ends it by telling Zira to leave. While Nala and the rest of the pride head back to Pride Rock, Simba and Kiara stay behind, as Simba tells her that they are one.

After Kovu saves Kiara from the large wildfire, Nala convinces to Simba to allow Kovu to stay with him. He does, but doesn't allow Kovu to join the pride until he sees who Kovu really is. While Simba is watching Kovu and Kiara spend their time together, Simba tries to seek the Great Kings of the Past. Nala joins him and tells him to get to know Kovu more instead of judging him for who he is.

Shortly after Kovu's exile, Simba is alerted by Zazu that the Outsiders are attacking and its war. Nala joins the fight with her pride until it gets stopped by Kiara and Kovu. While Zira refuses to be 'one' she decides to jump at Simba, causing Kiara to jump in front of her father.

After Zira's death, Nala is seen roaring along with Simba, Kiara, and Kovu from Pride Rock.

The Lion King 1 1/2

Nala appears very little in the third film. She appears in a few scenes from the first film, like in the love scene and when Nala explains to Timon and Pumbaa why Simba left for the Pride Lands.

The Lion King 4 Nala is one of the characters to help Kiara defeat Ziggy.


Rafiki is a wise and old mandrill who lives in a baobab tree. He performs activities which are often shamanistic. He tends to speak in third person when speaking of himself. Rafiki's character often serves as the visual narrator of the story of The Lion King. Robert Guillaume voices Rafiki in the three films.

He is shown to be a dear friend to Mufasa. This is reflected in his name, which is a play on the Arabic word "rafiki", meaning "my friend". He presents Simba to all the animals gathered at Pride Rock, and draws a stylized lion cub on the walls of his treehouse home to represent Simba's birth. When Simba runs away and his family believes him dead, Rafiki draws his paw across the Simba drawing, obscuring it in grief. Later, after picking up Simba's scent in the dust and pollen in the air, Rafiki determines that Simba is still alive and restores the drawing, adding the full mane of an adult lion as a sign to seek out this young deliverer from Scar's tyranny. Journeying to the area where Simba lives with Timon and Pumbaa, Rafiki observes Simba and recognizes, at least in principle, that he is suffering from a ponderous emotional burden. To treat it, he approaches the young lion and teaches him a few playful (and sometimes painful) lessons about learning from the past, not living in it. He also points out that the spirit and values of Simba's dead father, Mufasa, continue to live in Simba himself. When Simba decides to return to Pride Rock and fight Scar for the kingship, Rafiki accompanies him, demonstrating his kung fu skills in battle against the hyenas. At the end of the film, Rafiki raises Simba and Nala's new-born cub atop Pride Rock for everyone to see, echoing the beginning of the film.

In the sequel The Lion King: Simba's Pride, Rafiki appears in the beginning again as the presenter of Simba and Nala's new-born cub Kiara. Later on in the film, despite protesting that Simba and Zira would forbid it, he is persuaded by Mufasa's spirit to get Zira's son Kovu and Kiara to fall in love. He tries to make them fall in love by telling them about "Upendi", which means love in Swahili. Later, when Simba exiles Kovu, he is seen sighing sadly of Kovu leaving. In the end, he acts as the host of Kiara and Kovu's wedding before quietly acknowledging to Mufasa's spirit that his plan to end the feud was correct all along. Rafiki appears briefly in the midquel The Lion King 1½, and is referred to by Timon as "The Strange Monkey". It is revealed that it was Rafiki who taught Timon the philosophy of "Hakuna Matata". Besides appearing in the scenes he appeared in the original film, Rafiki also appears in a scene where he chats with Timon's mother and in a scene where he makes Timon go back to join Simba against Scar, albeit saying nothing but "My work here is done" after Timon goes to find Pumbaa on his own.

In the musical, the character of Rafiki was modified. Because director Julie Taymor felt that the story lacked the presence of a strong female, Rafiki was changed into a female mandrill. Rafiki's role is expanded in the musical. She sings the song "Circle of Life" and her painting scene is extended. She also sings a song called "Rafiki Mourns", in which she mourns Mufasa's death. She also has a brief role in Nala's song "Shadowland", blessing Nala for her journey to find help. Instead of finding Simba's scent on dust, Rafiki hears Simba's song "Endless Night" on the wind. Rafiki meets Simba and shows him that his father lives on inside him through the song "He Lives in You". She is present during the battle, fighting a hyena using hand-to-hand combat. She then appears adorning Simba with the king's mantle and then presents his newborn cub at the end of the play.

Rafiki appears in a few episodes of the Timon and Pumbaa TV series and also has his own series of skits called "Rafiki Fables" in the same show. His only relative in the series is his nephew, Nefu. He appears as a minor non-playable character in the Pride Lands world of Kingdom Hearts II. Rafiki returned in the kids "Disney Cookbook", as him as the creator of "Rafiki's Coconut drink". He makes a few non-speaking cameos in Disney's House of Mouse.

The name "Rafiki" is Swahili for "friend", and is used as a term of address in Swahili-speaking countries.



First Appearance:

The Lion King (1994)

Last Appearance:

The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004)

Created by:

Jonathan Roberts

Voiced by:

Madge Sinclair (film), Gina Breedlove (musical)



Sarabi is the mate of Mufasa, the mother of Simba, the mother-in-law of Nala, and the grandmother of Kiara and Kova. She doesn't appear as much in the films.

The Lion King

In The Lion King, Sarabi appears to be holding Simba in her paws. She watches with Mufasa as Rafiki presents their newborn cub to the animals below to see.

After Simba discovers that the "shadowy area" is an elephant graveyard, he goes to his friend Nala, who is being bathed by her mother, Sarafina. When Simba tells Nala that the place is really cool, Sarabi comes in and says "so where is 'really cool' place." Simba lies to her and reponds "around the waterhole." Sarabi allows them to go, but she sends Zazu to watch over the cubs.

After Scar tells the whole pride that Mufasa and Simba are dead, Sarabi is shown with Zazu comforting her.

After Simba, who is now an adult, agrees to return to Pride Rock, he hears Scar call out his mother's name. He then decides to come out of hiding after he witnesses Scar striking his mother. Sarabi, along with the other lionnesses join the fight to drive away the hyenas.

Sarabi is last seen roaring with the other lionnesses after Simba made his mighty roar.

The Lion King: Simba's Pride

It's unknown if Sarabi appears in the second film or not. Some fans believe that Sarabi was the lionness that said, "My, how did you grow" but its uncertin. Also, another reason is that Sarabi's voice actor, Madge Sinclair, died before the production of this film even began.

The Lion King 1 1/2

In the third film, Sarabi appears very little. She can be seen at the beginning, standing with Mufasa on Pride Rock as Rafiki presents Simba to the animals. She isn't seen again after that.


Sarafina 1

First Appearance:

The Lion King (1994)

Created by:

Jonathan Roberts

Voiced by:

Zoe Leader (film)




Mate of unknown male, Mother of Nala, Friend of Mufasa and Sarabi, Mother-in-law of Simba

Sarafina is the mother of Nala, and a friend of Sarabi and Mufasa.

Sarafina can be seen first sleeping with her daughter in the den. She is last seen giving Nala a bath while Simba asks Nala to come with him to a "really cool place."

It's unknown if she appears in the second film. She doesn't appear in the third film. Reasons are unknown.

In the song "Chow Down," which is sung by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed in the musical, Shenzi reveals that Sarafina ate Banzai's dad.




Ed is a hyena who is a friend of Shenzi and Banzi. He is also an enemy of Mufasa. He is the only one in the hyena trio that doesn't talk. He is known to communicate by laughing or using gestures.

Ed is first seen when him and his friends ambush Simba, Nala, and Zazu in the Elephant Graveyard. Mufasa comes to the rescue and threatens to kill him and his friends if they came near his son again.


Zazu 1
Voiced by: Rowan Atkinson (original film)
Edward Hibbert (sequels and Timon and Pumba series)
Jeff Bennett (singing voice in "The Morning Report")
Jim Piddock (The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure, Timon and Pumba's Jungle Games and third sequel)
Supervising animator: Ellen Woodbury
Species: Red-billed hornbill

Zazu is a red-billed hornbill who acts as majordomo to Mufasa and, later, Simba. He is proud of his position and acts very dignified, though he is not taken very seriously by the lions. Zazu's name has no apparent meaning in Swahili.

Zazu is first seen in the film flying over the Pride Lands during the opening sequence in which Simba is presented. Later he goes to announce Mufasa's arrival to Scar and treats the lion with contempt, and nearly gets eaten. Although he is clearly Mufasa's friend and jokes with him, he treats the king with great respect, addressing him as Sire. When Simba is a little older, Zazu becomes the target of a pouncing lesson in the middle of delivering a news report to the king, which dismays him. Sarabi later orders the hornbill to chaperone Simba and Nala to the waterhole. In the song "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", Zazu sings about his doubts for the monarchy under Simba's rule, but the cubs ridicule him and he ends up under a rhino. Zazu catches up with them in the elephant graveyard and tries to protect them when they are confronted by hyenas, but Banzai pushes him into a geyser which rockets him into the sky. Zazu then apparently flies to get Mufasa to rescue the cubs. Zazu is with Mufasa when Scar brings the news of Simba being trapped in the wildebeest stampede; he panics and intends to go for help, but Scar slaps him into a wall and knocks him out.

After Simba's exile, Zazu becomes a prisoner of Scar and a source of entertainment. He is the only character who is seen to fear Scar and acknowledge his kingship, but Scar nonetheless tells the hyenas that they are welcome to eat him. During the battle for Pride Rock, Pumbaa breaks Zazu out of his ribcage prison. Zazu bows to Simba after he defeats Scar and is seen during the presentation of Simba and Nala's newborn cub.

Zazu has brief appearances in the two sequels. In Simba's Pride he acts as a scout and advises Simba on royal protocol. He is very scornful of Kovu.

He is one of the main characters in the fourth film.

In the musical, Zazu is a puppet controlled by an actor dressed in blue striped clothes and a bowler hat, much like a stereotypical butler. Zazu's blue feathers have been replaced with white and the puppet is partially constructed from parachute silk with a slinky contained in the neck for ease in movement. Zazu sings the song The Morning Report, which was fully animated for the Platinum Edition release of the original film. After They Live In You, Mufasa and Zazu talk about Simba's behaviour and Zazu remarks that Mufasa got into trouble too at Simba's age. In some English productions of the show, Zazu breaks the fourth wall and uses anachronisms for comic effect.

Zazu has made occasional appearances in the Timon & Pumbaa and House of Mouse television series, and a Mickey Mouse cartoon called Runaway Brain. Zazu and Aladdin's Iago hosted an attraction called The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) in Adventureland at Walt Disney World before it closed.

The Lion King: Simba's PrideEdit


Kiara is the
Adult kiara 1

Kiara as an adult.

wild, mischievous, daughter of Simba and Nala and sister of Kopa, the granddaughter of Mufasa, Sarabi and Sarafina and the main protagonist of the second and fourth films. Simba is known to be very protective of her and worries for her. So for her safety, he sends Timon and Pumbaa out to watch over her. After evading her babysitters, Timon and Pumbaa, Kiara wanders into the Outlands where she meets Kovu, a cub from an exiled group of lions that were loyal to Scar. Together, they evade a group of hungry crocodiles, but their budding friendship is cut short by the arrival of their respective parents. After a brief argument, the parents take their cubs and leave as the cubs quietly say goodbye to one other. As a young adult, Kiara goes off to complete her first solo hunt. Despite his promising to let her hunt alone, the overprotective Simba sends Timon and Pumbaa once again to watch over her. When she discovers them, she angrily leaves the Pride Lands to hunt away from her father. Nuka and Vitani set fire to the area where she is hunting, and Kiara faints from the
Cub kiara 1

Kiara as a cub.

smoke. Kovu rescues her, and Simba reluctantly allows him to join their pride in return.

Kovu gives Kiara hunting lessons, and at the best time Kiara teaches him how to have fun. That night, they discuss the past with Scar, and Kovu later tries to leave after finding himself unable to tell her about Zira's plans. Rafiki interrupts and takes the two lions to a place called Upendi, which he says means love. After Simba is injured in an ambush by Zira, Kovu is exiled, and Kiara leaves her pride to find him. They are reunited and debate running away to form their own pride, but decide to heal the divide between their prides. Before they return, war breaks out between the two prides. Kovu and Kiara jump in the middle and help the two groups realize fighting is pointless, except for Zira. She tries to attack Simba, but Kiara knocks her away. Zira falls over a gorge, but refuses Kiara's help and forgiveness.She is voiced by Michelle Horn (cub) and Neve Campbell (adult). Her singing voices are provided by Charity Sanoy (cub), and Liz Callaway (adult).


Kovu is the son of Zira , and the brother of Nuka and Vitani, the deuteragonist of the second film and the secondary tritagonist of the fourth film. It is stated that Scar chose Kovu to be his successor. Kovu means "scar" in Kiswahili. He is voiced by Ryan O'Donohue (cub) and Jason Marsden (adult), and his singing is voiced by Gene Miller.

As a cub, Kovu lives a rough life in the barren Outlands. After he is abandoned by his older brother, Nuka (who was supposed to be watching, "babysitting" Kovu), he meets Kiara and teases her for being "daddy's little girl". As the two wander to a body of water they are attacked by crocodiles. The cubs evade the crocodiles and begin to play, but are interrupted by Zira and Simba. The two confront each other, before picking up their cubs and leaving. Later, Zira yells at Kovu for being friendly towards Kiara. When he says he thought they could be friends, Zira hatches a plan from the actions that took place between Kovu and Kiara. She plans to have Kovu infiltrate Simba's pride and kill Simba by using his friendship with Kiara. Zira trains and conditions Kovu until he is grown, then sends him out on his mission. Vitani and Nuka start a fire while Kiara is out on her first hunt so Kovu can "rescue" her. This enables him to join Simba's pride by using a law of the pride that requires all debts to be repaid.

He teases Kiara's inability to hunt, then agrees to teach her. She, in turn, helps him experience fun for the first time. That evening, Kovu expresses concern that he will become like Scar and tries to leave Kiara. Rafiki intervenes and takes them to a place called Upendi, which means "love" in Swahili. Having experienced life with Kiara, he is unable to attack Simba when the opportunity occurs. In the morning, a much changed Kovu resolves to confess his abandoned motives and defect to Kiara, but before he can do so, Simba takes him on a walk to tell him about Scar, and Zira and the Outlanders ambush them. Kovu attempts to aid Simba but is rendered unconscious by being kicked off of Simba by Vitani. Believing Kovu aided in the ambush, Simba refuses to hear his subsequent explanation and exiles him from the Pride Lands over Kiara's protests. In response, Kiara gets upset and runs into the main den. Noticing a bundle of loose rocks, she breaks through it and runs away from her pride and, after wandering around, finally finds and joins Kovu. He initially wants to run away with Kiara and start their own pride, but she convinces him to try to reunite their own divided prides. After the two stop the war, however, Zira lunges at Simba, but Kiara jumps in front of her father, and they roll down a cliff into a gorge, soon flooded after the dam breaks. Zira, having fallen into the flood, leaves Kiara only to stare until Simba comes to her aid. Kiara and Kovu, reunited, embrace in a hug. Simba tells Kovu that he was wrong about him not being one of them and allows Kovu to become Kiara's mate, promising him one day he will become king.


Zira is the main antagonist of the second film. She is the mother of Vitani, Nuka and Kovu. She is depicted to be Scar's follower and also said to be his mate by some sources and his widow in others. Her name means "hate" in Swahili. As punishment for her unwavering loyalty to Scar (presumably), she is, as well, banished by Simba to the Outlands.

Zira leads her own pride of lionesses who are all still loyal to Scar. After Kovu befriends Kiara, she hatches a plan for Kovu to infiltrate Simba's pride and kill Simba so that he can become the new King. Zira puts her plan into motion once Kovu has matured; however, he falls in love with Kiara and soon comes to respect Simba. Kovu rebels against his mother and refuses to follow through with her plans. Zira and the other outsiders then ambush Simba and Kovu while they are out walking. During the fight, Nuka is killed by collapsing logs. Zira mourns his death, and, in her rage, attacks Kovu, blaming him for Nuka's death and leaving Kovu with a scar above his eye. Kovu flees, and Zira rallies her lionesses to wage war on the Pride Lands.

At the battle's climax, Simba and Zira are about to fight each other when Kiara and Kovu intervene and stop the battle before it can begin. They attempt to convince both the Pridelanders and Outsiders that there is no need for the two prides to fight and that they are the same. Vitani is the first to come to Kiara and Kovu's side. Zira threatens to kill Vitani if she refuses to fight, disgusting the rest of the outsiders, who subsequently abandon her in favor of Simba. In a last-ditch attempt at taking her revenge for Scar, Zira lunges at Simba. Kiara leaps in front of her father. Zira, unable to stop in time, knocks into Kiara, and the two are flung off of the edge of a nearby gorge. Kiara lands safely on a ledge, but Zira slides off and clings desperately to the edge. As the dam breaks and the river rushes into the gorge, Kiara holds out her paw in an attempt to rescue the struggling lioness. Zira swipes at Kiara, and, unable to pull herself up or hold on any longer, slips and falls into the river below and drowns. Despite the fact that she was defeated at the end, Zira's original goal to make Kovu become king became true, as Kovu no longer finds in his heart to kill Simba and decides help him, which pleases Simba to let him become his successor. Zira was voiced by Suzanne Pleshette.


Nuka is the son of Zira, and in turn Scar's son as well, making him Simba's younger cousin (though neither acknowledge the kinship). He is also the older brother of Vitani and Kovu. He has a straggly black mane and is infested with termites the first half of the movie, when he is a teenager. Nuka means "stink" in Swahili. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the second film. Nuka expresses resentment at Kovu's being Scar's heir and Zira's seeming greater affection for the younger lion. He constantly seeks Zira's approval and follows any command she gives. During the ambush on Simba, Nuka tries to kill Simba for her (and himself), but is killed by falling logs. In his near death, Zira mourns him and asks Scar to watch over him. Nuka was voiced by Andy Dick.


The Lion King 1½Edit


Ma is
Ma 1

Ma from the film.

Timon's mother, who appears as a main character in The Lion King 1 1/2. Generally sympathetic and encouraging, she convinces Uncle Max to give Timon a job as a sentry. After Timon fails in his duty, endangering the meerkat group, he leaves. Ma searches for him, but is unable to find him. Many years later, he reunites with his mother at Pride Rock and she helps him aid Simba in battling Scar by digging a long tunnel underneath the hyenas to trap them. After Simba gains his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands, Timon takes them and the entire meerkat colony to his jungle paradise he and Pumbaa discovered and they live peacefully. She is voiced by Julie Kavner, who is famous for voicing Marge Simpson in The Simpsons.

Uncle MaxEdit

Uncle Max is
Uncle max 1
one of the protagonists of the third film and is a prominent member of the meerkat colony and relative of Ma and her son Timon. He is a pessimist by nature. At the beginning of the film he tell's Timon that a meerkat's role in life is to be "food for other animals! Feared by nothing and eaten by all!". Max reluctantly agrees to let Timon be the sentry for the colony, and is nearly eaten by the hyenas when they attack. Max appears again towards the end of the film, where he and Ma encounter Timon and Pumbaa at Pride Rock. He helps Timon get rid of the hyenas by digging a tunnel. He is voiced by Seinfeld and King of Queens alumnus Jerry Stiller.

The Lion King 4Edit

The Fat ControllerEdit

The fat controller

The fat controller is one of the film's main characters.

Ziggy / Mr. CuddlesEdit

Boingo laughing evily

Ziggy is the main antagonist of the film. He is Scar's advisor. He is about to kill Simba but is defeated when he accidentally got his legged up in a rope of his harpoon while the fire lit up and sent him flying away. After a chase through the roller-coaster like mine, Ziggy makes a run for it, but is lassoed by the Fat Controller (armed with dental floss borrowed from Timon). He got eaten by Simba. He is voiced by Crispin Glover.

Mr. Cuddles.

Ziggy's culprit - Mr. Cuddles



Hoagy is the secondary antagonist and Ziggy's henchman.

Police OfficersEdit

Timon&Pumbaa VulturePolice

The thugs of the Fat Controller



Kopa is
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the son of Simba and Nala and brother of Kiara and appears in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. He is shown to be almost exactly like Simba as a cub except Kopa has darker fur, a tuft of brown hair on his head, a red-brown eye colour as well as a more squared muzzle, in other words - nothing like him. He is described as loving to hear stories but also curious and playful like his father when he was a cub. No one knows why he didn't appear in Simba's Pride.


Ahadi is
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the mate of Uru, the father of Mufasa and Scar, the paternal grandfather of Simba, the great-grandfather of Kopa and Kiara and the king of The Pridelands in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Tale Of Two Brothers. In the story text, he is described as golden furred with a black mane and green eyes whereas the pictures show that he is like Mufasa in both build and colour. Ahadi is well known for his bravery and wisdom. He keeps his head in a crisis and does his best to take on problems head on. He is a dedicated king and loyal father though Taka (Scar) resents him for favoring Mufasa in terms of making him king. Ahadi recongnizes noble qualities in his eldest son as their styles of ruling are practically the same. Both kings understand the balance between species and strive to keep their pride in check by limiting hunting rights. The two are almost identical in personality though Mufasa seems to be a bit stronger in sense that Ahadi doesn't want to upset anybody.


Uru is the mate of Ahadi, the mother of Mufasa and Scar, the paternal grandmother of Simba, the great-grandmother of Kopa and Kiara, and the current queen of The Pridelands in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Tale Of Two Brothers. She is never seen in the book but is said to be looking for a source of food and water after The Pride Lands go into a drought and eventually does find a lake at the western edge of The Pridelands saving the animals of The Pridelands from dying of thirst. It is unknown what Uru looks like but in many Lion King fanart she has Scar's fur and Mufasa's eyes.

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