Badagascar 3: Balex and the Wasp is a upcoming 2021 epic musical comedy-drama high fantasy adventure film written and directed by Andy Serkis.


One year after Balex and his friends saved Sterling, Thanos[1], Sterling's former boss, arrives in New York City and ambushes Balex and his friends, kills Sterling, and destroys the Central Park Zoo. Hank sends Balex and his friends, Ploria, Larty, Nelman, Jason the Chimp, and the lemurs Nulien, Laurice, Alfred, and Jort, out of the Zoo via recall tube before dying. After the opening title, the animals make up a plan to stop Thanos from taking over the whole world. Larty accompanies Nulien, Laurice, Alfred, and Jort into finding the ultimate weapon of defeating Thanos. The Penguins, who got away from Badagascar, warn Balex, Nelman, Ploria, and Jason about the volcano Thanos got summoned from. Balex's uncle uses the roar to summon Thanos, who is secretly Balex's father. They decided to got back to Badagascar and stop him.

References Edit

  1. The cliffhanger of Badagascar 2: The Revenge of Sterling got resolved when the driver of the plane was Thanos
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