Anatasia is a 1997 20th century fox film.

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Songs Edit

  1. Once Upon a December (Prologue) - sung by Dowager Marie and Young Anastasia
  2. A Rumor in St. Petersburg - sung by Dimitri, Vladimir and Ensemble
  3. In My Dreams - sung by Anastasia
  4. Learn to Do It - sung by Vladimir, Anastasia and Dimitri
  5. The Neva Flows - sung by Gleb
  6. My Petersburg - sung by Dimitri
  7. Once Upon a December - sung by Anastasia
  8. Stay, I Pray You - sung by Count Ipolitov, Anastasia, Dimitri, Vladimir and Ensemble
  9. We'll Go from There - sung by Vladimir, Anastasia, Dimitri and Ensemble
  10. Still - sung by Gleb
  11. Journey to the Past - sung by Anastasia
  12. Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart) - sung by Vladimir, Dimitri, Anastasia and Ensemble
  13. Crossing a Bridge - sung by Anastasia
  14. Close the Door - sung by Dowager Marie
  15. Land of Yesterday - sung by Sophie and Ensemble
  16. The Countess and the Common Man - sung by Sophie and Vladimir
  17. In a Crowd of Thousands - sung by Dimitri and Anastasia
  18. Meant to Be - sung by Vladimir
  19. Quartet at the Ballet - sung by Anastasia, Dimitri, Dowager Marie and Gleb
  20. Everything to Win - sung by Dimitri
  21. Once Upon a December (reprise) - sung by Anastasia and Dowager Marie
  22. The Press Conference - sung by Sophie, Vladimir and Company
  23. Everything to Win (reprise) - sung by Anastasia
  24. Still (reprise) / The Neva Flows (reprise) - sung by Gleb and Anastasia
  25. Finale - sung by Dowager Marie, Gleb and Ensemble

Soundtrack Edit

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